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Bus Charters Chicago is a bus rental service company that is suitable for individuals, corporations, organizations and government alike

Bus Charters Chicago is a associate company of American Coachways, one of the leading charter bus rental companies in the country. Bus Charters Chicago does not own nor operate the charter bus, party bus, mini bus, coach charters, school bus or limousines that we rent out, our staff have gone that extra mile to ensure that all the vehicles comply with the respective rules and regulations and is roadworthy and safe.

Round-the-clock customer service even for emergency situations and bookings

Bus Charters Atlanta is accountable and is proud of the fact that we have 24/7 customer service who have all the information that they need to answer your questions about chartering a bus from us at their fingertips. Using a modern and effective bus booking system, our capable staff can help our customers book a charter bus within minutes.

Reason is simple - it comes with experience and extensive training. We have confidence in being able to find our customers the best charter bus at an affordable pricing. Give our customer service agents a call right now at 312-214-6131 or 1-800-304-193.

Safety is our number one priority

Using Bus Charters Chicago, our customers will have more time to spend on their projects and events

Knowing that our number one concern is always the safety of their passengers means that our customers will have peace of mind to deal with other aspects of their projects and events, e.g. weddings, birthdays, celebrations, corporate functions, business meeting, conventions, promotional tours, government projects, etc.

Our diligent staff can also be hired to be on the ground during these projects as they are meticulous about helping our customers overcome obstacles during large group events. This requires the skills of event organizers, dispatchers and drivers who are responsible and responsive.

The vehicles rented out are inspected by the Department of Transportation and they adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. Maintenance staff are hired to check the vehicles and all mechanical components at least once a week. The bus drivers hired by Bus Charters Chicago undergoes professional training and are a part of 19A.

Helping you make the most out of your time in Chicago

We know that some of our customers may be here in Chicago on business but they need a break and appreciate our suggestions

Our staff are consistently on the move whenever there is a project, large or small alike, and are very knowledgeable when it comes to places like landmark locations, event venues, wedding halls, points of interests, museums, tourist attractions, restaurants, malls, parks and not to mention nightspots.

With our help, we are sure our customers have been able to save some time scouring the internet for ideas. Our writers diligently share their knowledge on our website and social media accounts as they move around on ground, exploring with an adventurous spirit.

In the nutshell, Chicago locations worth a visit are:-

  • Diverse attractions - There are many fun and exciting things to do in Chicago, even if you are traveling with kids in tow. For example, music and live performance lovers will get a kick out of watching one of the country’s best musicals, Million Dollars Quartet. Visitors can also make a quick trip to Chicago Symphony Center to catch one of the best performances from Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Visiting Cloud Gate, Chicago’s landmark attraction and sculpture is a must. Bring the charter bus to 201 E. Randolph St, where Cloud Gate is located somewhere between Michigan Avenue and Columbus Avenue. Expect a crowd during peak season.
  • Outdoors in Chicago - Garfield Park Conservatory is a huge public and historic conservatory. Although most of the displays and exhibits are located indoors, the outdoor displays are also worth checking out. There are many stops and shops located near and along the city’s largest parks and it is also run and administered by the Chicago Parks District Admin. Looking for a nice place to relax and enjoy the greens? Then it is time to bring the charter bus around to Lincoln Park for a quick, calming stroll with family and friends. The park has a nice and friendly layout with interesting monuments at specified locations. It also gives visitors superb view of the city’s skyline.
  • Shopping in Chicago - Without a smidgen of doubt, visitors often come to Michigan Avenue and North Michigan Avenue when they are looking for some shopping to be done. The tour also takes visitors through the Magnificent Mile which stretches through and snakes around many different types of unique and popular stores in downtown Chicago. Visitors can also make pitstops at nearby historic landmarks at the same time. Makes for a perfect day tour cum shopping spree.
  • The cultural side of Chicago - Guests who have a thing for culture should bring the charter bus around to Chicago Cultural Center at 78, East Washington Street. Admission to the center is free of charge and it is also the country’s first free municipal cultural center and a top Chicago attraction with tourists and weekend holiday-goers alike. The Loop in downtown Chicago is a pleasant place for a long, meaningful walk as you explore large sculptures along the way. Guests will get to enjoy artwork from Picasso, Miro, Chagall and many more. The main highlight of the walk is that architecture is a feast for the eyes.

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