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Mar 9, 2018

Chicago The Great Escape

You don’t need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Wikipedia to tell you that Chicago is jam-packed with historical gems, massive architectural wonders, modern cultural and art centers, and kid-friendly attractions. To say that Chicago’s nightlife is thriving is a through-and-through understatement! Wired with your enthusiasm for new discovers, don’t burn out. Our advice is to be on the lookout for places, little nooks, and crannies, to unplug and chill out with whoever you’re traveling with...even if it’s a quiet cafe or cute bakery to corner-sit in while watching people go about their everyday lives. 

The distance will give you space for the calm and respite that you might be seeking.  

Soaking In The Magnetic Energy of Chicago

Discovering something new, snaking your way around untouched corners of Chicago and making trips to places like the Water Tower Place along N Michigan Avenue, The Shops at North Bridge, The Brickyard or Ford City Mall for a shopping spree can be fun, but it can taxing. With a full itinerary, don’t let hours of rest get lost in the shuffle. Experienced travelers and the locals know that when you need to sit down for a quick cuppa, you’re spoiled for choice.

Promontory Point, Chicago’s Quiet Escapade

Promontory Point, a man-made peninsula that offers stunning views of Chicago's skyline, is best visited in the morning and evenings. A peaceful place even when it's packed to the hilt with people, many agree that there is no comparison to the ‘zen-ness’ that this wonderful attraction. Promontory Point opens every day from sunrise at 6 am to late at 11 pm every day. Ask the charter bus driver to get you to S Shore Drive or call +1 312-742-5369 for information if you’re unsure about its location.
Promontory Point
5491 S Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60615, USA
+1 312-742-5369

The Chicago Water Taxi - A Languid Trip to Nowhere

Hop in at any of its stops along Ogilvie Union (West Loop), Michigan Avenue, LaSalle (River North), Riverwalk Clark Street, Sheffield/North Avenue, Chinatown, and Chicago Avenue and then get off as and when you feel like it. The Water Taxi is the best way to explore Chicago because it has routes along some of the busiest neighborhoods, shopping and dining districts and historic attractions in Chicago. Tickets and passes can be purchased online on their website (highly recommended!) before the trip if you wish to skip the long lines that are typical during peak hours and seasons. For more information, speak to them over the phone by calling 312-337-1446

The South Garden - The Art Institute of Chicago
It’s been said that art is a window into another time, world, universe, and life. While the more than a million pieces of artwork, sculptures, and paintings at The Art Institute of Chicago is enticing in every way, The South Garden seizes the heart and refuses to release it. The synchrony between art and nature takes over all your senses for the time being as you people-watch at the relaxing garden. It isn’t fondly called ‘The Refuge’ for nothing, after all.
The Art Institute of Chicago
111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Phone: +1 312-443-3600

Chill Out with Coffee, Tea or Beer in Downtown Chicago, IL

Art Landscape Under Glass - Garfield Park Conservatory
With an indoor worm bin, beginner classes for beekeeping, composting and gardening, it ranks highly as one of the best places to head out to during spring and summer. With more plants that one would initially imagine, the place is not just beautiful but peaceful, tranquil and romantic. It is a bonus, of course, if you love nature and photography because it is time to whip out the camera and snap away! It is not a wonder why some of our Chicago bus rental customers fondly call it the ‘art landscape under glass’ because it is definitely a befitting nickname. Take your time strolling through the colorful conservatory learning about honey, bees, gardening, plants, and flowers for at least a few hours.
Garfield Park Conservatory
300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60624, USA

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
In a diverse city that offers platters of food from around the world, notable traditional events, and cultural activities all within a short distance from the main city area of The Loop, Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is a great example of what non-chaos and tranquility should be about. Located in Lincoln Park, the park and pond are places to start the day in the morning and a refuge towards the evening hours. A zen center in downtown Chicago, it boasts of plenty of tree-canopied benches which is referred to as ‘the council ring’ or ‘friendship circle’, cozy little huts, limestone stepping-stone paths, weaving walkways, and lots of lush scenery. It is a class act as far as design is concerned and a respite that is as different to the bustling city center as night and day.
Lincoln Park
125 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, USA

Let Your Hair Down in Downtown Chicago
Lined along the streets of Chicago’s downtown is a wealth of offerings as far as cafes, restaurants, cheap eats, family-run eateries, fast food outlets and organic foodstuff companies. As soon as you get off the rented ground transportation in downtown Chicago, most of them would be a stone’s throw away from each other. There’s the casual Wormhole Coffee along N Milwaukee Avenue, the comfy Map Room, the laidback Java & Mug Cafe or grab your favorite drinks and play checkers, pool, bocce ball or shuffle board at Game Room at the Chicago Athletic Association. And when night falls, get into the mood at lounges like Suite Lounge and The Library or chill out at the quirky Rosa's Lounge. With their unique offerings and laid-back atmosphere, we’re sure you’ll get to recharge and ready for the next day’s tour again.

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