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Nov 6, 2013 - Heritage Green Park

After a long tour along most of Chicago’s popular shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus, party bus, and mini bus tourist attraction, the best way to end the day with your kids and family members during your bus charters Chicago vacation is to pack a simple lunch and head out to a local park for some long, relaxing unwind. Parks, however, can be very packed in the evenings so, finding a true gem like Heritage Green Park was truly heaven-sent. We did the conventional walking tours and then shopping all day long and some of us were looking for a green space to sit down and share what we have experienced.

If you are looking for a space like that, then ask the charter bus driver to bring you along to 610-30 W. Street in Chicago which happens to be near West Side of Chicago.

This state-run park was founded not too long ago in 1934 and is one of the largest municipal parks in the city center area. Because of the wide open space, even when it is packed to the hilt, it hardly seems crowded. There will be people from all walks of life walking their dogs, jogging, running, and cycling all around. The park consists of more than eight thousand of green space and is precious green lung in traffic-choked Chicago.

The management of these parks have managed the parks so well that you will never find yourself hunting down parking spots. They are located all around the park, but if you are using a bus charters Chicago ground transportation from a bus company like us, then you will not need to contend with issues like traffic and parking.

‘It is a safe oasis not just for local residents but is also a fantastic option for tourists, office workers and visitors from out of town. Long ago, it didn’t have a name to it, just this amazing green space that is open for everyone. Now, we know it is known as Heritage Green Park. Simply amazing.’ gushes one of our bus charters Chicago customers who fell instantly head over heels in love with the park.

Rewind about a decade ago, before all the recent developments, the park was just a place office workers who was working in nearby offices came for their lunch. Now, instead of a vacant piece of land, the grass is consistently trimmed and well-maintained. The manicured lawns also comes with a beautiful flower bed as well as a newly placed artistic statute.

So, if you are in this corner of Chicago during your bus charters Chicago holiday, stop by the park for some quiet time.