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Sep 18, 2013 - Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows

The Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows was opened to the public since February 2000 and it is a permanent display of 150 stained glass windows in the lower level terraces of the Festival Hall. It is also said to be the first museum in the country that is entirely dedicated to stained glass windows and the museum has welcomed many visitors since its opening. If you are curious and are wondering just how an eight hundred feet long series of galleries can have a permanent display of 150 stained glass windows, then you will need to plan to a trip here with your friends or family in a Chicago charter bus to see with your own eyes how magnificent and beautiful the exhibits are.

There is no admission fee to the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, but they are only open during the Pier operating hours, that is, from Sundays through Thursdays, they are open from 10am until 8pm, while on Fridays and Saturdays, they are open from 10am until 10pm. Many people found this place to be a “hidden” gem because if you are not observant, you would actually pass by this place and not notice that it exists. While the Chicago charter bus driver would drop you and your family or friends nearest to the entrance of the museum, you would still need to walk a little before you find the place. Once you find it, you will be amazed by the amazing work of stained glass windows that are on display.

Inside the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, you will encounter stunning pieces of stained glass that date way back to the 1800s right up to the more contemporary ones, that is the 70s and 80s. Among the beautiful stained glass works that you will see are mosaics with religious themes as well as a gallery within that is dedicated to display pieces by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Though the Louis Comfort Tiffany pieces are placed in a darkened room, the effects of the exhibits are rather incredible. You have to be there in person to see in order to appreciate it – words alone would not do it much justice, actually. As you walk through the museum, do take time to read about the historical information on the walls and learn about stained glass too. After your trip to the museum, you can always visit the other places at the Pier or find a good restaurant to eat – but if you are not sure where to eat, you can always ask the friendly Chicago charter bus driver for suggestions.