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June 17, 2013 - The Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Come and charter a Chicago bus to visit one of the most interesting aquariums in Chicago – the Shedd Aquarium. Bring your family with you, especially if you have young children. The Shedd Aquarium will be a great place to visit during summer as a bus charters Chicago weekend getaway.

Touted to be a must see spot in Chicago, you will not regret chartering a bus for this trip. At the Shedd Aquarium, you will experience the wonders of the sea – whales, turtles, sharks of all kinds, penguins, dolphins – you get the idea, and if we tell you that you, or rather, your kids, will get to meet about slightly over thirty two thousands sea creatures from the aquatic habitats all around the world, we are not kidding at all.

A little background on the Shedd Aquarium would perhaps give you a better idea why it is said to be a “must see bus charters Chicago destination” whenever anyone visits Chicago. Founder, John G. Shedd was so determined to transform Chicago in a world class metropolis that during the early 1920s where a true international city here and abroad had a magnificent aquarium, what he had in mind was to build a stand-alone aquarium, even though at that time, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo already has a rather fine freshwater fish collection. He was so determined to get things going that he donated two million dollars to start off the project and then later on added another million to ensure that his aquarium would be just as majestic as the other two museums that were already at Grant Park – the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the Field Museum. With such a passionate founder, one can only imagine the standards he set to ensure that his aquarium is built to be the best of the best!

We believe that if you have a very experienced and knowledgeable Chicago charter bus driver to take you to visit the Shedd Aquarium, he may even be able to add on more interesting facts or stories that he may have learned or heard of about the Shedd Aquarium during his course of duty.

After having come down from your rented bus at the entrance of the Shedd Aquarium, you will then proceed to the ticketing counter, but be sure to find out from the counter the types of admission tickets are available, as they have different pricing for different kinds of shows that you would like to see inside.

After having spent the day walking around and enjoying the sea creatures, you can stop by one of the few eateries available at the aquarium for a quick bite and if you like, you can even shop for some memorabilia to bring home before you climb aboard our Chicago charter bus.